Tungsten Alloy Darts Shaft

Tungsten Alloy Darts Shaft Picture

Why do Shaft Come in Different Lengths?
Shafts are made of various different materials such as graphite, aluminium and polycarbonate. The weight and length of the shaft will dictate how the dart performs in flight. If you are new to the game a good idea is to try different lengths of shafts and find one standard that fits your style.

Shafts come in many different shapes and material. Here you will find a wide selection of different styles of shafts. Shafts are also called stems.

Nylon darts Shafts From Bull's
Nylon shaft is the cheapest shafts on the market today. These shafts are in small, medium, large and Extra Large size. Nylon shaft can easily brake, and when these shafts break it can be a little bit tricky to get the last peace out of the barrel, but there is a tool for that so you can easily screw out the reaming part. The nylon shaft is often sold in big packs with 15 or more sets. The price will very from vendor to vendor. But if you use this kind of shaft make sure you have some with you at all time and it’s not so expensive.

Titanium Darts Shafts From Unicorn
This is the strongest shafts on the market today, and also the most expensive ones. They have all the advantage like the aluminium shafts, but they cost a bit more. The advantage with the Titanium shaft is that they not bend that easily and are almost indestructible.

Steel Darts Shafts
Steel shafts have a slim design, and most of them with opportunity to replace the top of the shaft holding the flights.
Steel shafts are not that expensive, the price range is more or less the same as aluminium shafts.

Aluminium Shafts From Bull's
These shafts are a little bit more expensive then the nylon shaft. However this type of shafts doesn’t break, but they can easily get bended, a drop from the dartboard to the floor can be enough. It’s very difficult to bend them back to it’s original state when they first get bend, which can again lead to problems later when you throwing the darts.

Magnesium Shafts
This is type of shaft is new in darts technology. Magnesium shafts are ultra light shafts. They are a little bit more expensive than aluminium shafts.