Tungsten Alloy Darts Billet We Offer

Tungsten Alloy Darts Billet Picture

Here below you could find a list for regular tungsten alloy darts billets, please choose what exactly you need and refer to us for any other information you want to know.

Our company can offer the tungsten alloy darts billet as above stated, also we have many tungsten dart billets in store,the dimension is DIA 15mm*lenght50mm,if you are interested in tungsten alloy dart billet, please feel free to contact us.

Grade Density (g/cm3)
80W 15.4-15.8
85W 15.8-16.0
90W 16.7-17.2
95W 17.9-18.1
97W 18.4-18.5
WNiCu 16.0-18.5