Tungsten Alloy Darts Flight

Tungsten Alloy Darts Flight Picture

Flights come in many different shapes / colors and designs, and is one of the items that will be broken first, a bad flight make the throw worse, so always keep some spare flights when you throwing darts or participating in tournaments.

It’s also important to spread your flights when you mount it on the shaft. Make sure of that the angels are around 90 degrease, and not flat mounted, if the flights are not properly mounted the darts is not that stabilized when you throw them. Flights are necessary for the dart to stabilize in the air when you throw it.

Why do dart flights come in different shapes?
Wing surface area affects the flight of the dart.
As a guide, slim or kite shapes are better on lighter barrels. This type of flights is most used by soft darts players. Whilst, pear, standard and vortex shapes are suitable for medium to heavy darts, and used by steel darts players. You can use all flights on most darts it all depends on your throwing style, so my advice is to try out different shapes and figure out witch shape fits your throwing style.